5 signs you are working with a skilled Spiritual Medium

Five Signs of Skilled Spiritual Mediums

What is a Medium? Is it the same as a Psychic?

As a general rule, Mediums can connect with the spirit realm and people who were once alive on earth but have passed onto the next world through the change called death. A Medium is a Psychic but a Psychic isn't necessarily a Medium.

Psychics can tune into the energy of people or objects. They can feel or sense elements of their past, present and future. Psychics have a developed sense of intuition and psychic ability and they use that to gather information for a person or object being read.

A Medium take this a step further and uses their psychic and intuitive abilities to read past, present and future events by tuning into the energy of spirit(s) surrounding a person. Think of a Medium as the telephone connection between the sitter/client and the spirit realm.

Why it can be helpful to have a session with a Medium.

When we lose people we love, it’s normal for part of the grieving process to included questions such as “Do our loved ones live on after they die?” “Are they safe and OK?” “Are they no longer suffering or in pain?” Visiting a Medium does NOT replace the grieving process but it can provide a certain level of comfort to those left behind. Meeting with a skilled Spiritual Medium can provide a sense of comfort by knowing that your loved ones are still with you, and are safe in the spirit realm.

5 signs you are working with a skilled Spiritual Medium

  1. Builds strong evidence. A good Medium will build a description of the spirit trying to connect with the client or sitter. The Medium may start with the physical characteristic of the spirit, such as hair color/texture, body type/build, eye color, ethnic background, general age and how the person passed. Skilled Mediums will be able to give you a sense of the person's personality, and how they are related (grandmother, father, sister, best friend, etc. ) or connected to you.
  1. They don’t ask leading questions.  Recently there was a television show where a Medium stood in front of an audience of about 100 people and asked “Does anyone here know someone named Steve?” Chances are we ALL know someone named Steve. That’s fishing and is not necessarily connecting to the spirit realm. A good Medium will TELL you what they are getting, not ask you. The Medium may ask “Does this make sense to you?” but they won’t ask you for detailed information at least not until AFTER the reading is done. 
  1. Are Confident. A good Medium trusts their abilities and are confident in their message work. It’s not at all unusual for a sitter to get a message from a spirit that they don’t understand or “can’t take”. A good Medium trusts what they are getting and might ask the sitter to check with friends or family if a message doesn’t seem to fit them. Our loved ones WANT to communicate with us here on earth and will sometimes go to the closest person to get that message out. So for example, it’s possible a message from spirit might not be for you but for your sister. If a message during a mediumship session doesn’t make immediate sense, write it down and ask your friends and family. Chances are good that someone close to you will be able to validate the information.   
  1. Are Respectful. We have all seen the ghost hunting shows where a team of paranormal investigators go into a home or building and demand that the spirits SHOW THEMSELVES!!! It is important to remember that spirits are just people who have passed over. Can you imagine someone walking into your house uninvited and rudely yelling for your sweet grandmother to show herself? A good Medium will never demand that any spirit show up nor will they promise that a specific spirit will appear. Mediums don’t have that kind of control. Spirit decides who the sitter will hear from not the Medium. It is certainly disappointing for a sitter when they want to connect with a specific loved one, such as their recently deceased Mother, only to have a distance friend from high school show up instead. A good Medium understands that spirit knows best what messages are needed for the sitter and from whom.
  1. Are Honest. We all have our off days. Mediums are still just people. Sometimes they just don’t connect. When that happens, a good Medium will be honest and tell you so.
Having a session with a skilled Medium can be a truly transformative experience. It can bring comfort to those grieving the loss of a loved one and is a wonderful reminder that love never dies and our loved one in spirit are always with us.
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