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Bracelet | Hematite and Emperor Stones

Bracelet | Hematite and Emperor Stones

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Harness the powerful properties of grounding and protection with Hematite and Emperor Stones with this vibrant stretch bracelet. 

Made by The Starfish Project, whose mission is to empower exploited Asian women with holistic care and social enterprise programs.

Emperor stones symbolize tranquility and peace. Hematite helps with grounding and protection from negative energy.

This beautiful multi-colored stone bracelet includes a 14k copper gold-plated feather to symbolize protection, love, and the presence of guardian angels. 

Product Details

  • Materials: emperor and hematite stones with a gold-plated copper feather and stainless steel starfish tag.
  • Hypoallergenic; lead and cadmium free with nickel content less than 100 ppm.
  • Made in China • Dimensions: 8.7" inches• Weight: 0.08 lb
  • Box size and color may vary.
  • *Certified Fair Trade through the Fair Trade Federation. women-owned business.

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