Five Herbs for Psychic Protection

Five Herbs for Psychic Protection

Protection is one of our most basic needs and concerns. With all we face these days, it makes sense to use whatever means we can to create a protective bubble around ourselves, our family, and our home. Protection herbs help the bearer guard against physical and psychic attacks, injury, accidents, and negative energy. 

It is important to note that protective herbs are preventative and won’t be helpful for something that has already happened. They also don’t guarantee that you can walk through life untouched by everyday irritants but carrying protective herbs can help screen out potentially harmful situations. Protective herbs can also increase the effectiveness of your body's natural defenses. 

Many herbs can be used for protection. Here are five you should consider:

  • Witch Hazel  - long used to fashion divining rods, hence the common name witch hazel. The bark and twigs are also used to protect against negative influences. It can also help mend a broken heart and calm passions. Powers: Protection and Chastity
  • Cedar - cedar smoke is purifying and can be used to prevent bad dreams. A cedar stick carved into three prongs and placed in the ground near your house with the prongs up protects it against all negativity. Powers: Protection, Healing, Purification, and Money 
  • Cinnamon - when burned, cinnamon produces protective vibrations. You can also use it in sachets to create a powerful protective barrier around yourself. Powers: Protection, Healing, Power, Success, and Love
  • Blueberry - put blueberries under your doormat to keep undesirable people away from your home. Blueberry is also helpful in protecting against negative spiritual energy. Eating blueberry pies or tarts can protect you from psychic attacks, as having the protection inside you increases the herb’s effectiveness. Powers: Protection
  • Birch - a purifying and cleansing herb, birch can be used to eliminate negative energy. Birch trees are suitable for protection from the evil eye and lightning strikes. Witch brooms are made from birch twigs, and cradles manufactured from birch wood protect babies. Powers: Protection, Purification, and Eliminating Negative Energy



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