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  • unique-gold-necklace-crescent-moon-coin-pendent-necklace

    Crescent Moon Coin Pendant

    This unique gold necklace shows a moon symbolizing eternity and enlightenment.

    Crescent Moon Pendant 
  • New Moon essential oil crystal topped candle

    Crystals infused essential oil candle

    Feel the vibrations around you with these amazing crystal-infused pure essential oil candles.

    Crystal infused candles 
  • abundance spell kit contents

    Abundance Spell Kit

    Bring abundance into your life! This kit has everything you need to perform a magical spell in your bath.

    Spell Kit Abundance 

    Lustrous Tarot

    If you love the Original Tarot but want a contemporary feel, this is the deck for you

    Tarot Card Decks 
  • Printed Cosmic Cat Wristlet in white

    Cosmic Cat Zipper Pouch

    This cotton canvas zipper pouch can hold your favorite tarot or oracle deck, crystals, energy-clearing mists and more.

    Cosmic Cat Zipper Pouch 
  • Triple Goddess Prayer Candle. Women

    Triple Goddess Prayer Candle

    Put this witchy candle on your altar or in your sacred space, and enchant her with whatever purpose you desire.

    Triple Goddess Prayer Candle 
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