A Psychic Medium Connecting with the Spirit Realm

What to Expect When Seeing a Psychic Medium

Psychic mediums act as a bridge between the spiritual and physical world and are capable of making connections with people who have already passed on. They deliver messages from the deceased to their loved ones still living. 

Visiting a skilled psychic medium can be a life-changing experience as it can provide comfort to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one and remind us that our loved ones in spirit are always with us. 

While anyone can call themselves a Medium, skilled psychic mediums possess specific characteristics that set them apart.


A Medium skilled in connecting with spirits can provide strong evidence of the spirit's presence. The Medium will often begin by describing the spirit's physical characteristics, such as hair color and texture, body type and build, eye color, ethnic background, approximate age, and how the person passed away.

Talented mediums will also give you a sense of the spirit's personality and relationship to you, whether it's a family member, friend, or someone else.


Recently, there was a TV show where a Medium asked the audience if someone had a grandfather in the spirit realm. Chances are, everyone in that room has a grandfather who had passed.

This type of question is called leading and is not considered evidence of a genuine connection to the spirit realm. A skilled medium will not ask such questions but will provide you with the information they receive from the spirit realm. They may ask if the information they provide makes sense to you but they will only ask you for detailed information about yourself or loved ones in spirit AFTER the reading.


A experienced mediums always trusts their abilities and is confident in their work.

Sometimes, a sitter might receive a message from a spirit they don't understand or cannot take. In such cases, a talented medium trusts what they are getting and may ask the sitter to verify the message with their friends or family.

Our loved ones in the spirit world always want to communicate with us here on earth and often reach out to the closest person to convey their message. Therefore, a message from the spirit may not always be intended for the sitter but for someone close to them, like their sister.

If a message during a mediumship session doesn't make immediate sense, write it down and ask your friends and family. There is always a good chance that someone close to you will be able to validate the information. 


We have all seen the ghost hunting shows where a team of paranormal investigators go into a home or building and demand that the spirits "SHOW THEMSELVES!!!" It is important to remember that spirits are just people who have passed away. Can you imagine someone walking into your house uninvited and rudely yelling for your sweet grandmother to show herself?

A good medium will never demand that any spirit appear, nor will they promise that a specific spirit will appear. Mediums don't have that kind of control. The spirit decides who the sitter will hear from, not the medium.

It can be disappointing for a sitter when they want to connect with a particular loved one, such as their recently deceased mother, only to have a distant friend from high school show up instead. However, a talented medium understands that spirit knows best what messages are needed for the sitter and from whom.


Mediums are people, and sometimes they don't connect. Ethical ones will be honest and tell you so.

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