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Healing Stones | Tree of Life Kit

Healing Stones | Tree of Life Kit

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The Home Growing Girl Healing Stones | Tree of Life Kit has everything you need to clear away negative energy and help you towards your highest and best.


Moss Agate - Adds balance and promotes health and vitality.

Clear Quartz Point - Directs positive energy to your space. Clear and cleanses  energy. Its multi-dimensional frequencies create a space through which anything that needs to be released can safely flow out.

Tree Agate - Creates calming harmonious energies that drown out negativity.

Amethyst - An all purpose stone used to connect to your Higher Self and the Divine. Protects against anything that might disrupt mental balance, allowing peace to flow to you.

Moonstone - Helps to strengthen intuition and can aid in decision making and rational thought. Can spur creative problem solving and facilitate self-expression.

Rhyolite - Promotes the energies of fortitude, perseverance and balance.

Tree of Life Wooden Box and star organza bag for healing stone storage (4 x4 x3 )

All crystals measure approximately 2 inches.
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