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Kitchen Towels | Set of 3 Funny Print Dish Towels

Kitchen Towels | Set of 3 Funny Print Dish Towels

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Bring a little laughter to your daily kitchen chores with this set of 100% cotton kitchen dish towels. 

The set includes three unbleached kitchen dish towels, each with a different saving.

"After I'm done snacking, I have to show my hands to the dog like I'm a blackjack dealer."

" I keep hearing it takes a village to raise a child. Do they just show up? Or is there like a number to call ?"

" I just grabbed the milk from the fridge, and I'm pretty sure I heard the wine say "What the hell?"

Great for giggle-filled dish drying, as a charming hand towel for your bathroom, or as a  cute hostess gift with a bottle of wine.

Product Details

The set includes three unbleached towels.

Machine washable

Unfolded size: 28"x26". Super absorbent after a few washes.

Dish towels are printed with eco-friendly, non-toxic ink. That's good for the environment and soft to the touch! 

Made in the USA by a woman-owned company.

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